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Gianni & Origoni is an award-winning global law firm, with integrated practice area teams providing expert legal advice on all areas of commercial law.

With over 450 lawyers based in Rome, Milan, Bologna, Padua, Turin, Abu Dhabi, Brussels, Hong Kong, Shanghai, London and New York, we are one of the largest Italian firms and are widely recognised as a key player in international and domestic practice.

During the years, in recognition of our strong domestic and international practice and the success in multiple jurisdictions, we have scooped many prestigious awards, such as "Italy Law Firm of the Year" from Chambers Europe, IFLR and other domestic and international organizations.

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Tax Treatment of Non-German Resident Real Estate Investment Funds Found to be Incompatible with the Free Movement of Capital under EU Law - ECJ Decision in Case C-537/20

On 27 April 2023, the ECJ (Case C-537/20) ruled that Article 63 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (the “TFEU”) must be interpreted as “precluding legislation of a Member State which makes non-resident specialised property funds partially liable to corporate income tax in respect of the income from property which they receive in the territory of that Member State, whereas resident specialised property funds are exempted from that tax”...

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Gianni & Origoni renews its governance and appoints six new non-equity Partners

Rome, July 24, 2023 - Following the Partners’ Meeting, international law firm Gianni & Origoni renewed the firm's Executive Committee, as well as top positions, and approved its 2022 financial statements and strategic guidelines. Gianluca Ghersini and Luca Jeantet joined the existing members of the Executive Committee Antonio Auricchio, Giuseppe De Simone, Francesco Gianni, Emanuele Grippo, and Giuseppe Velluto. The new Executive Committee will serve a 3-year term. Antonio Auricchio and Giuseppe Velluto were appointed as Co-Managing Partners...

Gianni & Origoni signs agreement with Stanghellini Ristori Vigoriti law firm

Rome, April 13, 2023 - International law firm Gianni & Origoni has signed an agreement with Florence-based law firm Studio Legale Associato Stanghellini Ristori Vigoriti (SRV) aimed at creating a mutual collaboration particularly in the areas of out-of-court dispute resolution related to corporate and insolvency, restructuring, and banking (regulatory) law. SRV is a boutique law firm headed by Prof. Lorenzo Stanghellini that offers specialized assistance to Italian and international clients in the various areas of corporate, private, and business crisis Law, in consultancy, litigation and ADR...

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