Patents for Inventions Related to Zika Virus, Chikungunya Virus, and Rare Diseases may have Fast-Track Examination at the BPTO 

July, 2018 - Valdir Rocha

Resolution number 217/2018 was published in the Brazilian PTO’s Official Bulletin number 2470, and amends Resolution number 80/2013, which refers to the fast-track examination for patent applications related to products, pharmaceutical processes, equipment and materials related to public health, aiming to accelerate patent applications considered strategic to the Brazilian Public Healthcare System. Fast-track examination may be applied to patent applications and patents related to the diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment of HIV, Cancer and Neglected Diseases.

According to said Resolution, fast-track examination will also be applied to subject matters regarding rare diseases (diseases affecting 65 people out of 100,000 subjects). Zika and Chikungunya also become part of the list of neglected diseases. For patents that have already been granted, a fast-track examination may be applied at the second administrative instance.



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