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The Rapid Growth of Telemedicine Startups to Combat COVID-19
Kudun and Partners, June 2021

The rapid spread of Covid-19 has placed the healthcare system in Thailand under severe pressure. Following the outbreak of the pandemic, new startups focusing on telemedicine have sprung up to take on the challenge of innovating the way healthcare services can be provided to patients...

Legal Status of Digital Assets from the Corporate Income Tax Perspective According to the Thai Revenue Code
Kudun and Partners, June 2021

Saravut Krailadsiri, our tax partner and Pichaya Nimcharoen, our tax associate recently published a journal for Thailand’s Office of Judicial and Legal Affairs of the Court of Justice, Thailand as part of “Dunlaphaha: Journal of the Court of Justice...

Technological Advancements Enable Amendments to the Public Limited Companies Act
Kudun and Partners, June 2021

On May 11, 2021, the Cabinet resolved that the proposed amendments of the Public Limited Companies Act, B.E. 2535 (1992) (the “PLCA”) be made, mainly due to technological advancements that allow certain corporate administrative procedures to now be conducted by electronic means. For ease of reference, the table below highlights the proposed amendments against the existing corresponding provisions under the PLCA. No. Topic Current Provision Proposed Amendment 1...

A Breakthrough in Thai Airways’ Business Rehabilitation Proceedings
Kudun and Partners, May 2021

Following the latest creditors’ meetings on May 12 and May 19, 2021, Kudun and Partners is pleased to announce that Thai Airways Public Company Limited (THAI)’s business rehabilitation plan and its amendment proposal has been widely accepted by the majority of THAI’s creditors...

Launching Your IPO During the COVID19 Pandemic - To Delay or Not to Delay, that is the Question...
Kudun and Partners, May 2021

Living in Uncertain Times More than a year has passed since our lives were turned upside by the outbreak of COVID-19.  Across the globe, millions of people have succumbed to the virus and countless businesses have collapsed.  In Thailand, although the loss of life has been relatively low, the pandemic has devastated the country’s economy...

Recommendations for the Implementation of Cookie Banners
Kudun and Partners, April 2021

The compliant use of cookies requiring consent has presented a major challenge for website operators for quite some time. Following the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the "Planet 49" case, many operators have adapted the cookie banners they use. However, in doing so, they are faced with the difficulty of designing the cookie banners in such a way that these encourage a high acceptance rate from users, while remaining legally compliant...

Is Thailand Safe For Investors Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak?
Kudun and Partners, March 2021

Novel coronavirus is understandably causing a lot of panic and uncertainty around the globe. While legislators scramble to contain the virus’ spread, investors are also being forced to make weighty decisions with very little information as they attempt to navigate market uncertainty and supply chain disruption. This is particularly true in Thailand, which now has the highest number of confirmed cases outside of China...

Kudun & Partners Leads Largest Group of Creditors in Thai Airways Business Rehabilitation Proceeding
Kudun and Partners, March 2021

In August 2020, Kudun & Partners was appointed to represent the largest group of creditors, consisting of 87 savings cooperatives, in the wake of the recent Thai Airways’ petition for rehabilitation. Taken together, these investment entities hold 65% of the airline’s total debenture debt, making them the largest group of creditors...

Will COVID-19 Derail Thailand's Progress in the Renewable Energy Sector?
Kudun and Partners, August 2020

Thailand’s two-decade long growth of the renewable energy sector has been pivotal in the pursuit of Thailand 4.0, but has the coronavirus outbreak thwarted these plans? COVID-19 has forced many of the world’s most exciting economies into a full or partial shutdown, suspending their plans for development. Thailand is no exception...

Thailand For Investors: What Will the Impact of COVID-19 Be?
Kudun and Partners, April 2020

Please note: The information, facts, and figures in this article are correct as of the publication date (1st April 2020). For up-to-date information and advice on this matter, please contact the author.   The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread instability in global markets and the resolution is not yet in sight. Thailand’s geographic and economic ties to China, where the outbreak began, initially positioned it as one of the highest-risk countries worldwide...

Powering The Future: How Robotics & Automation Are Changing Thailand’s Manufacturing Secto
Kudun and Partners, February 2020

Thailand is at a powerful crossroads in its economic development. After several decades of consistent growth, it is now preparing to finally break through and become a high-income nation. To do this, it is focusing on smart industry. A high-income Thailand is one driven by technological progress, so the government has begun pouring money into robotics and automation...

Your Guide To Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor
Kudun and Partners, February 2020

Thailand’s future is set to be more connected, technologically advanced and economically prosperous than ever. This being driven by one development in particular: the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)...

Renewable Energy Thailand: Why A High-Income Future Is Likely a Low-Carbon One Too
Kudun and Partners, February 2020

In Thailand, economic development, technological progress and energy transition go hand-in-hand. The government is continuing to pursue Thailand 4.0, the ambitious economic model designed to propel the country into high-income status. This transition hinges on Thailand moving from its agrarian and labour-intensive roots to a value-based economy where smart industry is king...



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