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Lavery is a major full-service law firm of more than 200 lawyers and the leading independent law firm in Quebec. The firm provides a comprehensive range of legal services to regional, national and multinational corporations; financial institutions; and government departments, agencies, and Crown corporations. It also has an extensive practice in advising other Canadian and foreign law firms on matters of Quebec law.

Lavery has developed strong ties with law firms and other professional firms across Canada, the United States and worldwide, thereby enabling us to assist our clients to develop opportunities outside Quebec. The firm is a member of the World Services Group, a global non-profit association with membership by invitation only, consisting of large local, national and international professional services providers in over 115 countries.

Year this Office was Established: 1913
Lawyers Worldwide: 318


Areas of Practice



Romeo  Aguilar Perez

Romeo Aguilar Perez

Senior Associate
Loïc  Berdnikoff

Loïc Berdnikoff

Lawyer and Chief, Legal Operations and Conformity and Chief Privacy Officer
Geneviève  Bergeron

Geneviève Bergeron

Partner and Agent de marques de commerce
Caroline  Bourbonnais

Caroline Bourbonnais

Avocate principale
Elizabeth  Bourgeois

Elizabeth Bourgeois

Avocate principale
Myriam  Brixi

Myriam Brixi

Karl  Chabot

Karl Chabot

Senior Associate
Victoria  Cohene

Victoria Cohene

Avocate principale
Chantal  Desjardins

Chantal Desjardins

Partner and Agent de marques de commerce
James  Duffy

James Duffy

Patent Agent and Senior Associate
Alain Y.  Dussault

Alain Y. Dussault

Partner and Trademark Agent
Simon  Gagné

Simon Gagné

Léonie  Gagné

Léonie Gagné

Avocate principale
Julie  Gauvreau

Julie Gauvreau

Partner and Agent de brevets and Agent de marques de commerce
Marie-Josée  Hétu

Marie-Josée Hétu

Partner and Associé directrice (bureau de Trois-Rivières)
Maria  Ionele

Maria Ionele

Isabelle  Jomphe

Isabelle Jomphe

Partner and Agent de marques de commerce
Sofia  Khan

Sofia Khan

Maude  Lafortune-Bélair

Maude Lafortune-Bélair

Avocate principale
Joël  Larouche

Joël Larouche

Senior Associate
Guy  Lavoie

Guy Lavoie

Jean  Legault

Jean Legault

Carl  Lessard

Carl Lessard

Selena  Lu

Selena Lu

Despina  Mandilaras

Despina Mandilaras

Avocate principale
Hugh  Mansfield

Hugh Mansfield

Partner and Patent Agent and Trademark Agent
Catherine  Méthot

Catherine Méthot

Avocate principale
Eve-Lyne  Morin

Eve-Lyne Morin

Avocate principale
Béatrice T  Ngatcha

Béatrice T Ngatcha

Partner and Agent de brevets
Michaël  Pageau

Michaël Pageau

Senior Associate
Jessica  Parent

Jessica Parent

Avocate principale
Luc  Pariseau

Luc Pariseau

Catherine  Pariseault

Catherine Pariseault

Avocate principale
Gaspard  Petit

Gaspard Petit

Senior Associate
Camille  Rioux

Camille Rioux

Avocate principale
Sophie  Roy

Sophie Roy

Avocate principale
Chantal  Saint-Onge

Chantal Saint-Onge

Avocate principale
Maude  Sirois

Maude Sirois

Jean-Paul  Timothée

Jean-Paul Timothée

Senior Associate
Mylène  Vallières

Mylène Vallières

Avocate principale
Dominique  Vallières

Dominique Vallières

Senior Associate
Laurie  Vandal-Fortin

Laurie Vandal-Fortin

Avocate principale
Bruno  Verdon

Bruno Verdon

Adnana  Zbona

Adnana Zbona

Avocate principale

Linguistic Services

Catherine  Avignon

Catherine Avignon

Linguistic services
Marie  Brisson

Marie Brisson

Services linguistiques
Danielle  Bureau

Danielle Bureau

Services linguistiques
Alexandra  Degarie

Alexandra Degarie

Services linguistiques
Michèle  Gamache

Michèle Gamache

Services linguistiques
Stefan  Gillian

Stefan Gillian

Linguistic services
Jean-François  Lauzon

Jean-François Lauzon

Linguistic services
Mathieu  Legris

Mathieu Legris

Linguistic services
Marie-Claude  Lortie

Marie-Claude Lortie

Services linguistiques
Joanne  Martin

Joanne Martin

Services linguistiques
Jean-Pierre  Nadeau

Jean-Pierre Nadeau

Linguistic services
Sofie  Peers

Sofie Peers

Services linguistiques
Yannick  Pourbaix

Yannick Pourbaix

Linguistic services

Legal Counsel


Suzanne  Antal

Suzanne Antal

Agent de marques de commerce
Isabel  Baltzan

Isabel Baltzan

Maxym  Bédard

Maxym Bédard

Dolaine  Béland

Dolaine Béland

Yasmine  Belrachid

Yasmine Belrachid

Nathalie  Borgniez

Nathalie Borgniez

Directrice, planification et projets stratégiques de la direction
Gwendoline  Bruneau

Gwendoline Bruneau

Agent de brevets
Stephanie  Cech

Stephanie Cech

Manar  Choukair

Manar Choukair

Charlotte  Dangoisse

Charlotte Dangoisse

Notaire principale
Janet  Dell’Orto

Janet Dell’Orto

Agent de marques de commerce
Gabrielle  Dickins

Gabrielle Dickins

Julie  Doan

Julie Doan

Notaire principale
Sylvain  Dubuc

Sylvain Dubuc

Chief Financial Officer
Alain  Dumont

Alain Dumont

Patent Agent
Clara  Fortin

Clara Fortin

Éloïse  Fortin

Éloïse Fortin

Florence  Fournier

Florence Fournier

Mireille  Francoeur

Mireille Francoeur

Chargée de projets spéciaux, soutien à la direction
Anaïs  Gascon-Vaillancourt

Anaïs Gascon-Vaillancourt

Gestionnaire, programmes étudiants et stagiaires
Nadine  Giguère

Nadine Giguère

Line  Grandmaison

Line Grandmaison

Annie  Groleau

Annie Groleau

Sonia  Guérin

Sonia Guérin

Laurence  Isabelle

Laurence Isabelle

Amélie  Journet

Amélie Journet

Chef, talents et développement professionnel
Martin  Laprade

Martin Laprade

Gonzalo  Lavin

Gonzalo Lavin

Patent Agent
Jean-Francois  Lemieux

Jean-Francois Lemieux

Business Development Manager
Eleftheria  Manioudakis

Eleftheria Manioudakis

Director, Business Development
Sandrine  Masri

Sandrine Masri

Joëlle  Montpetit

Joëlle Montpetit

Isabelle  Normand

Isabelle Normand

Isabelle  Pelletier

Isabelle Pelletier

Agent de brevets
Sophie  Poirier

Sophie Poirier

Belinda  Rigon

Belinda Rigon

Erwin  Schultz

Erwin Schultz

Patent Agent
El Hadji Alioune  Seck

El Hadji Alioune Seck

Articling Student
Serge  Shahinian

Serge Shahinian

Patent Agent
Zoe  Sukster

Zoe Sukster

Arielle  Supino

Arielle Supino

Alex-Anne  Trudeau

Alex-Anne Trudeau

Anik  Trudel

Anik Trudel

Cheffe de la direction
Alexandra  Yazbeck

Alexandra Yazbeck

Benoit  Yelle

Benoit Yelle

Patent Agent


New corporate transparency requirements in Canada, Québec and the U.S. – What Canadian and Québec companies need to know

Over the last several years, member countries of the OECD, including Canada and the U.S., have committed to various international undertakings dealing with corporate governance. In keeping with these commitments, since 2019, the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA) has required business corporations incorporated under the CBCA to prepare and maintain a register of individuals with significant control over the corporation. Nearly all Canadian provinces, including Québec, have also amended their legislation to make control of companies incorporated in their jurisdiction more transparent...

2023 federal budget: Measures to support the development of renewable energies and technologies

With climate change continuing to be a topic of concern across the international community, Canada has recently taken another step to support the development of renewable energies and technologies. In the 2023 budget tabled on March 28, 2023, the Canadian federal government unveiled new tax incentives aimed at supporting investments in both renewable energies and certain clean technologies. These incentives can be grouped into five main Investment Tax Credits (ITCs). Clean hydrogen The Clean Hydrogen ITC covers investments in equipment that will be used in clean hydrogen projects...

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Lavery celebrates World Intellectual Property Day

This year, the World Intellectual Property Day theme is "Women and Intellectual Property: Accelerating innovation and creativity". Therefore, Lavery is pleased to recognize the contribution of a female inventor. Women face significant barriers in the patent and telecommunications sectors, where under-representation and gender bias are unfortunately common. In the field of patent application drafting, women represent only 12% of inventors, while in telecommunications, only a quarter of professional positions are held by women. In spite of this situation, pioneers like Lila Madour are making significant contributions to their fields, overcoming these challenges with determination and skill...

Lavery Assists Premier Parks LLC in the Purchase of Calypso-Valcartier Group’s Shares

Calypso-Valcartier Group recently announced the sale of all of the shares of its two amusement parks, Village Vacances Valcartier located near Quebec City and Calypso, near Ottawa, and more specifically of the shares of the two parks’ operating corporations and their asset holding corporations. The assets of the two parks are now indirectly owned by EPR Properties, and they are operated by a Canadian subsidiary of Premier Parks, LLC. Our partners, André Vautour and France Camille De Mers, and their team assisted Premier Parks LLC in the due diligence of the parks’ assets and operations...

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