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    EEOC Issues Guidance on Use of AI in Employment Decisions

    As of late, it seems we can hardly go a day without hearing about the rise of artificial intelligence (“AI”) and its potential to disrupt all manner of industries. But awareness of AI’s potential implications to our careers has only recently hit the mainstream. Many employees may be surprised to learn that a number of employers have already been using AI to make employment decisions for some time, especially in the hiring process. And the number of employers using AI in the workplace has been growing rapidly. Some employers are even using AI to make promotion decisions.

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    Additional severance to the statutory amount for unjustified dismissal: exception or general rule?

    A recent judgment has opened the debate on the possibility of increasing severance compensation above the statutory amount in certain cases. For the time being, the courts require that very specific requirements be met, although we will have to wait and see how the situation evolves. According to Supreme Court doctrine -among others, the judgment […] La entrada Additional severance to the statutory amount for unjustified dismissal: exception or general rule? apareció primero en Labor and Employment Law - Garrigues.

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    Incorporation Clauses: Does the Subcontractor Really Assume All Obligations of the Prime Contractor?

    Many subcontracts contain a catch-all provision requiring the subcontractor to do everything the prime contractor is obligated to do under the prime contract. This is known as an “incorporation” clause because it adopts or incorporates legal rights and duties spelled out elsewhere. Here is an example of an incorporation clause: “The Subcontractor shall be bound...Continue Reading

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    Commission publishes Draft Delegated Act in respect of Audits conducted under DSA

    The Commission has published a draft delegated act on audits to be performed very large online platforms (“VLOPs“) and very large online search engines (“VLOSEs“) pursuant to Article 37 of Digital Services Act Regulation (“DSA“) for public feedback. Article 37 requires that VLOPs and VLOSEs engage in an annual independent audit to assess their compliance...Continue Reading…

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    USCIS Investigating Extensive Fraud in FY2024 H-1B Registration Process

    The USCIS has announced it has begun investigations into what it terms “extensive fraud” during the FY2023 and FY2024 H-1B Registration processes (in March 2022, and March 2023, respectively). U.S. employers wishing to sponsor a foreign national for H-1B status are required to submit a registration request on behalf of that person. If the request... Continue Reading

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    SE Tech Podcast Series Featuring Lee Demby of Boardroom Insiders

    In this episode, we speak with Lee Demby, Co-Founder of Boardroom Insiders. Boardroom Insiders is a business intelligence platform designed to help sales and marketing teams target the C-suite to close bigger deals faster. It allows companies to tap a digital database of 26,000+ executive profiles, each containing a wealth of insight into the C-level […]

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    CSA Proposes Changes to Diversity Disclosure Requirements

    The Canadian Securities Administrators (the “CSA”) have published for comment proposed amendments to the current corporate governance disclosure requirements in Form 58-101F1 - Corporate Governance Disclosure (“Form 58-101F1”) of National Instrument 58-101 – Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices (the “Proposed Amendments”) and National ...

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    Distressed Business’ Alternatives to Bankruptcy: An Overview of Out-of-Court Workout Options

    Distressed businesses that are facing severe financial difficulties often think that only bankruptcy, whether a Chapter 11 reorganization or Chapter 7 liquidation, can solve their problems. While bankruptcy is certainly an option, it may not be the only—or even the best—path to restructuring, financial stability, or an otherwise orderly closing of business operations. Bankruptcy can... Continue Reading

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    Shape up your mark: the intricacies of protecting the appearance of a product as a trademark

    Is your product different? Does it have a unique shape that sets it apart from competitors? If so, perhaps you want to think about protecting that particular shape as a trademark. It is an effective strategy for companies that want to stand out in a saturated market. Although the procedure to register a product’s shape […] La entrada Shape up your mark: the intricacies of protecting the appearance of a product as a trademark apareció primero en Intellectual and Industrial Property Blog - Garrigues.

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    New Faces of Justice: 2022 California Appellate Appointments

    2022 was a banner year for appointments and elevations to California’s Courts of Appeal. The State’s new Chief Justice and newest Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court led the news, but Governor Newsom also filled a large number of vacancies on the intermediate appellate courts. With all this change, it seemed a good time […]

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    Pausing the Crypto-Mining Energy Drain: B.C. Government Suspends Obligation to Supply Service to New Crypto-Mining Projects

    On December 21, 2022, Order in Council No. 692 (OIC 692) came into effect, ultimately subjecting the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) to the Direction entitled “British Columbia Utilities Commission Respecting Cryptocurrency Mining Projects” (the Direction).[1] Ultimately, OIC 692 aims to preserve B.C.’s clean electricity supply to support the Province’s ...

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    Circuit Split on Incentive Payments to Class Representatives Deepens

    Two years ago, in Johnson v. NPAS Solutions, LLC, the Eleventh Circuit upended decades’ worth of precedent by categorically forbidding incentive payments to class representatives in class action settlements. In the past month, however, the Second and Ninth Circuits have rejected the Eleventh Circuit’s NPAS decision, concluding that there is no automatic bar of incentive... Continue Reading