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Cambodia, Lao PDR & Myanmar During the Pandemic: Employers’ Consideration

As part of our continuing WSG Asia Pacific vlog series on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected employers and employees the Asia Pacific region, DFDL provides insight on measures employers have implemented to protect employees and minimize redundancy in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Myanmar. And, address procedures for remote and in-office work arrangements based on latest government and legislative changes.

WSG's Vlog series focuses on important topics in different regions, with member firms and expert leaders providing valuable insights and perspectives.

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  • The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare curbed employers’ rights to terminate or adjust employee terms of employment for Covid-related reasons.
  • The Lao PDR government asked its employees to work from home but without general regulatory guidance on employee rights or employer requirements.
  • Employees protected by the Labor Law included those pregnant or with a child under 1 year, workers’ representatives or if in employer legal disputes.
  • Employers had to establish “Occupational Health and Safety Committees” or “Covid-19 Committees” for appropriate health measures in the workplace.
  • To minimize redundancy, the government provided financial support to suspended employees in certain sectors (garment, textiles, footwear & tourism).
  • Remote work was encouraged if appropriate for employers and employees with general provisions of the Labour Law and regulations applied to employees.
  • To minimize redundancy, the government implemented financial & tax measures for manufacturing, small and medium enterprises, and the tourism sector.
  • The government created a relief fund and loans to Myanmar’s citizen-owned businesses. The Central Bank of Myanmar revised interest & lending rates.
  • Myanmar has no specific legal provisions on remote work but the government instructed employers to encourage employees to do so during the pandemic.

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